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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Credit Scam Investigations: Presented by Andrea Schlack, Printing Industry Credit Bureau, these cautionary tales will help you keep your business running In the Green!

CSI: Fishing and the Con

Don't take the bait when the conman throws you the lure! Read these tips to keep your money in your pocket.

CSI: Stop, Look and Listen

Customers who have paid on time in the past should keeping paying on time, right? Maybe! Stay aware of economic/market conditions and review your customers' credit history.

CSI: If It Ain't Green, It Don't Mean a Thing

You may want sales NOW, but don't forget the basics of granting credit

CSI: Help Wanted

Seeking clairvoyant personal assistant to predict positive results.

CSI: Printer Beware

When a print job appears too good to be true, it probably is. Remember to ask the tough questions and assess potential risks before accepting jobs on credit.

CSI: Slam Dunked!

A great reminder of how fraud can happen…

CSI: Half Baked

Why you should always carefully check your customers' credit references

CSI: George Rubin

Our thanks to George Rubin

CSI: When in doubt...

If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is

CSI: Credit Agreements

Why you should ALWAYS use a credit application & agreement

CSI: Internet Nightmares

Card Not Present (CNP) scams are on the rise. Find out the warning signs so you can identify suspicious email orders.

What worked when you were a small child still has relevance in controlling your business’ finances. Don't even nibble at the con man's lure! Review these tips to keep your money in your wallet.

Should you need the expert assistance of Printing Industry Credit Bureau, the licensed and bonded collection agency dedicated to the Graphic Art industry, you may contact Andrea Schlack at (847) 265-0400.


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