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Friday, July 25, 2014
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GLGA assisted us in understanding the procedures and guidelines of OSHA compliancy. As a smaller printer, we found GLGA to be a great resource to the latest in safety requirements.

Dan Yuhas - President - Yuhas Graphics 

I’m pleased with the support provided thru GLGA – I look forward to the weekly news updates and resources that can be easily accessed.  One of the key components that I think of is the bi-annual wage & benefits survey and report...I look to this closely to ensure I’m tracking in accordance w/other printers in the region.

Brian Rutherford, consultant has been a breath of fresh air…his approach towards EH&S is suited to the size and scope of our company nicely.  He provides us with a personalized framework – meaning that all the materials – from policy to literature to training films is created within our plant – it’s about our equipment, our processes, our people etc. I like that a lot…there is nothing generic – it’s truly our program.

He keeps us in compliance – our records are current – we for the most-part have a plan going forward every year…in other words, we know the subjects and topics that we’ll be working on 2 or 3 quarters ahead of time.  During Brian’s time of working with our company our EH&S program has matured as a cornerstone of our success and we achieved 1449 days without a lost work-day…then there was a carpal tunnel incident and we had to reset the counter – we are all very proud of that record – and we plan now to over-achieve the old 1449 days.

John Shannon – President - Madison Forms

I have been in a peer group for over ten years and have found the experience invaluable for the growth of Burton & Mayer and me personally. My peer group is composed of five presidents from non-competing printers that are similar in size and ownership structures. We meet three or four times a year and exchange ideas, best practices, common experiences and camaraderie. We study and compare each others company policies, HR issues and financial reports (using the PIA/GATF Ratio studies as guidelines). We have reached a point in our relationships that we offer specific solutions to individual issues. At future meetings, we then challenge each other on how well we executed those solutions.   

Other employee layers from the group have also been included at meetings. For instance, we have invited sales managers, financial executives or technology directors, who have had their own separate meeting concurrently with ours. It gives them an opportunity to get to know their counterparts and compare notes whenever they have issues.

Tim Burton – President – Burton & Mayer

When I moved back to Wisconsin, a colleague of mine recommended that I submit my resume to GLGA. I found a job on my own, but after 3 years in customer service for a prepress shop I wanted to work at a full-service printer. With the assistance of GLGA, I updated my resume and they sent it to their members who were hiring. Before I knew it I received a call for an interview and subsequently was hired. That was 11+ years ago and I am still with that same printer – but now I am a new member to their sales force.

Thank you GLGA!

Kathleen Dillett – Account Executive - Ries Graphics Ltd.


Our relationship with GLGA has been very beneficial in many aspects of our business. I respect and value the leadership of Niall Power, Executive Director of GLGA.  The staff is very friendly and supportive. Here are some important examples:

Guiding me through the challenges of BSA Software Alliance queries. We were open and conducted a complete audit report for the software licenses.

Benchmarking competitive salaries using the comprehensive Compensation & Wage Survey results.

 Help with educating the Wisconsin Department of Revenue in production equipment/software sales tax issues.

Personal referrals and guidance in searching for upper management candidates.

Thank you GLGA!!

 Kenneth Cook - President/CEO - Ken Cook Co.

We come from a different prospective being a flexo house. But being  part of the GLGA association serves all printers. Whatever your segment of print, litho, gravure,
screen or flexo, it’s all Print. And Print is a big business in Wisconsin.

 It’s important for us to understand and have exposure on a state level.  GLGA has the resources to help us grow our business. helping us be in the right position to make the right decisions.

Shane Lauterbach – President – Lauterbach Group

We enjoy many benefits of our membership in GLGA.  While there are many benefits I will highlight some of the ones we most appreciate. Some of the benefits include the bi-annual wage and benefit survey.  In the printing industry, it is essential we provide competitive compensation as part of our overall program to retain top talent.  This survey and the resulting report are very valuable in supporting our efforts in that regard.  GLGA has also been helpful to the entire printing industry in Wisconsin through their efforts to work with the DNR on the permitting process for new equipment. Membership in GLGA also includes membership in Printing Industries of America and all the benefits that come from the Printing Industries of America.  We find the Printing industries of America Ratio Studies and Keys to Profitability report to be of great value in analyzing our business and comparing ours performance with that of our peers.

Bill Ziemendorf, President and CEO, Independent Printing Company, Inc.



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